GOSHEN, Ind. — The professional baseball season culminates into one post season series.

Goshen college baseball ends their fall season with a similar high stakes event; the Maple Leaf World Series.

But this world series is more special than most. Many coaches aspire to leave a positive lasting legacy on the programs they work with. Few reach that level, but Doug Wellenreiter, has.

Doug Wellenreiter was the assistant coach of the Goshen College baseball team from 2015 until his passing in 2020. Kelly Wellenreiter, Doug’s wife, spoke about just how much baseball meant to Doug.

For Doug, coaching wasn’t just about winning, Those that knew and were coached by Doug are continuing his legacy.

Playing in the maple leaf world series now means something more than bragging rights, it’s a way to remember and pass on the lessons that Doug wanted his players to learn.

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– Alyssa McDonald, Sports Director


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