About 91.1FM The Globe

About the Globe

91.1 The Globe is a showcase for contemporary sounds. Each week, The Globe features a fresh and eclectic mix of Americana, alternative acoustic, folk, singer-songwriters and world beat music. Today's significant music by ground-breaking artists and established performers makes The Globe's sound unique.

Our Mission

As a federally licensed trustee operating in the public interest, WGCS serves the greater Goshen community with a distinctive and professional radio voice. WGCS also serves Goshen College, its owners, by providing a quality on-air product that supports and extends the college's core values, mission, programs and standards. Within this framework, WGCS provides a dynamic environment in which students learn industry standards of operating, marketing and managing a radio station.

Jason Samuel, The General Manager of The Globe

Our History

The Globe began broadcast operations in 1958 as the educational voice of Goshen College. The station enjoys a rich history shared by hundreds of community volunteers and GC students. Today, the Globe provides 24-hour programming which includes music, news, public affairs and sports. More than 50 students have held the top leadership post as student station managers and 11 faculty general managers have directed the station since 1958.

Our Video

Our Student And Faculty Station Managers

Since the station's inception, 61 Goshen College students have held the top leadership post. Only four students, Bill Davidson, Larry Heatwole, Molly Murphy and Matt Smith led more than one term. Three others, Jon Kennel, Bill Frisbie and Jason Samuel returned as Faculty general managers.

1959-1970 Program Director was the highest-ranking student position. In 1970-73 Student Manager was highest-ranking student position. The follow list is compiled by acadmeic year and comes from The Globe archives.

Student Station Managers

2017- Brad Stoltzfus & Spencer Buttermore
2016-2017 JD Hershberger
2015-2016 Victor Garcia
2013-2014 Danielle Kerschhackl
2012-13 Kelsey James
2011-12 Summer Hasan
2010-11 Trisha Handrich
2009-10 Rae Halder
2008-09 Abri Houser
2007-08 Zach Miller

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Faculty General Managers

2003- Jason Samuel
1995-2003 Jon Kauffmann-Kennel
1992-95 Bill Frisbie
1991-92 Kerry Strayer
1988-91 Ron Johnson
1985-88 Stuart Showalter
1983-85 Mark Kelley
1981-83 Vernon Schertz
1976 Alfred Albrecht
1970-71,75-81 Roy Umble
1958-70, 71-75 Jacob Swartzendruber

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