Established in 1958, WGCS is the educational radio voice of Goshen College. The station is on-air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round. But the reach is far beyond just the Michiana region. WGCS simultaneously goes over the airwaves and can be heard online, from anywhere across the globe.
Today, the Globe provides 24-hour programming which includes music, news, public affairs, and sports.

More than 50 students have held the top leadership post as student station managers and 11 faculty general managers have directed the station since 1958.


As a federally licensed trustee operating in the public interest, WGCS serves the greater Goshen community with a distinctive and professional radio voice. WGCS also serves Goshen College, its owners, by providing a quality on-air product that supports and extends the college’s core values, mission, programs, and standards. Within this framework, WGCS provides a dynamic environment in which students learn industry standards of operating, marketing and managing a radio station.


WGCS was granted a station license from the Federal Communication Commission on October 2, 1958, but the process of making 91.1 The Globe a reality started well before that. In the 1940s, a carrier current transmitter, which puts out a low-power radio signal, was placed in Assembly Hall, with wires running throughout the campus. Then programs in Assembly Hall, like chapels and church services were broadcast.
It was all fun and games until one student decided to put an alarm clock that was ticking beside the microphone, and the signal traveled as far as Milford, Indiana. It turned out that the output had coupled with a high-tension line and was exceeding FCC limits. When the FCC found this out on May 7, 1952, a cease operation was issued, and in the future, the station would need to obtain a station license in order to operate.
Our History
Students broadcast live from a GC basketball game, circa 1965. (Photo by Rod Hernley)
Humble Beginnings
In 1954, the college was asked by the radio station in Goshen, WKAM, to create some programs for them to air. The programs were 30-minutes each and were made up of chapels, hymn music, classical music and news that was pre-recorded by college students and then broadcast on WKAM.

Plans for the college’s own radio station never went away. The class of 1956 donated $1,845 for an FM station to be built on campus, and the construction application was approved by the FCC on January 17, 1958.

The newly formed Goshen College Broadcasting Corporation, a not-for-profit entity, chose WGCS as the call letters for 91.1 FM, and a 98-foot tower went up in July 1958, with the station license granted on October 2, 1958.

The original format for WGCS was classical music, and it stayed that way up until June 21, 2004, at 6:06 a.m. to the tune of Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”

Logos over the years

With Jason Samuel named as the stations general manager, WGCS made a number of changes, including the adoption of “The Globe” as the moniker for the station. Samuel also revamped the format of the station, changing it from classical music to an Americana/Triple-A hybrid.


Jason Samuel

Jason has over 30 years of broadcasting experience at both commercial and non-commercial radio stations in Indiana. He has worked in sales, programming, and management. Jason is a 1993 graduate of Goshen College where he ascended to the role of student station manager as a junior. Following ten successful years as a sportscaster, DJ, and sales representative he returned to his alma mater to become general manager for WGCS and associate professor in the Communication Department.

Samuel holds a Master of Arts in Professional Communication from Purdue University.

Jason Samuel and Kyle Hufford
Kyle Hufford

Kyle is Midwest-born and bred. He has been working in the video and media production industry for over 15 years. Kyle’s background is quite eclectic, from video production to graphic design and even 5 years as a television producer and promotions director.

After years in the industry, Kyle went back to school to get a Masters in Digital Storytelling from Ball State University to pursue interests in higher education. Now as the General Manager of FiveCore Media and an Assistant Professor of Communication at Goshen College, he gets to pursue both of his passions.

Kyle enjoys the outdoors, photography and traveling to new places.


Gabriella Klopfenstein

Student Station Manager

Senior from Goshen, IN

Court Templeton

Program Director

Junior from Saint Louis, Missouri

Amelia Turnbull

News Director

Sophomore from Fort Wayne, IN

Dante Stanton

Sports Director

Sophomore from Elkhart, IN

jeremiah sherrill

Production Specialist

Junior from Higashi-Kurume, Japan

Liam Morris

Music Director

Sophomore from Osceola, IN

Gabe kermode

Sports Producer

Senior from Boulder City, NV


Since the station’s inception, 63 Goshen College students have held the top leadership post. Only four students, Bill Davidson, Larry Heatwole, Molly Murphy and Matt Smith led more than one term. Three others, Jon Kennel, Bill Frisbie and Jason Samuel returned as Faculty general managers.

From 1959-1970, Program Director was the highest-ranking student position. From 1970-onwards, Student Manager was highest-ranking student position. The following list is compiled by academic year and comes from the Globe archives.

2003 – current Jason Samuel
1995 – 03 Jon Kauffmann-Kennel
1992 – 95 Bill Frisbie
1991 – 92 Kerry Strayer
1988 – 91 Ron Johnson
1985 – 88 Stuart Showalter
1983 – 85 Mark Kelley
1981 – 83 Vernon Schertz
1976 Alfred Albrecht
1970 – 71, 1975 – 81 Roy Umble
1958 – 70, 1971 – 75 Jacob Swartzendruber
2020-21 Kadie Daye
2019-20 Riley Friesner
2018 -19 Laura Hoover
2017 -18 Brad Stoltzfus & Spencer Buttermore
2016 – 17 JD Hershberger
2015 – 16 Victor Garcia
2013 – 14 Danielle Kerschhackl
2012 – 13 Kelsey Morris
2011 – 12 Summer Hasan
2010 – 11 Trisha Handrich
2009 – 10 Rae Halder
2008 – 09 Abri Houser
2007 – 08 Zach Miller
2006 – 07 J.D. Windhorst
2006 – 07 Josh Gross
2005 – 06 Kimberlee Rohrer
2004 – 05 Nick Gingerich
2003 – 04 Joel Short
2002 – 03 Hannah Livengood
2001 – 02 Dikshya Adhikari
2000 – 01 Josh Byler
2000 – 01 Stephan Bontrager
1999 – 00 Courtney Papa
1998 – 99 Chrissy Kilmer
1997 – 98 Amy Gingerich
1996 – 97 Abir Sarras
1995 – 96 Andrew Bruinewoud
1995 – 95 Phil Richard
1994 – 95 Rachel Lapp
1992 – 94 Matt Smith
1992 – 93 Angie Richard
1991 – 92 Jason Samuel
1990 – 91 Joe Manikam
1989 – 90 Christy Risser
1988 – 89 Marta Brunner
1987 – 88 Bruce Hostetler
1986 – 87 Stan Martin
1985 – 86 Gary Oyer
1984 – 85 Sheldon Beachy
1983 – 84 Stan Zehr
1982 – 83 Nelson Geigley
1980 – 82 Molly Murphy
1980 – 81 Bill Frisbie
1979 – 80 Robert Kehr
1978 – 79 Barth Hague
1977 – 78 Larry Becker
1976 – 77 David M. Groff
1975 – 76 L. Merlin Hoover
1974 – 75 Jon Kennel
1973 – 74 Merle Snyder
1970 – 73 Larry Heatwole
1969 – 70 Randall Snyder
1969 – 70 Judy Beechy
1968 – 69 H. James Kauffman
1968 John Frankenfield
1968 Leslie Miller
1966 – 67 Ken Eigsti
1965 – 66 Charles Kauffman
1964 – 65 Clyde Hockman
1963 – 64 Carolyn Stoltzfus
1962 – 63 Charles Hostetter
1962 – 63 Bill Davidson
1961 – 62 Mary Miller
1960 – 61 Bill Davidson
1960 – 61 Irene Yoder
1960 – 61 Gerald Kauffman
1959 – 60 Dale Sloat
1958 – 59 Fancheon Emmert


Kadie Spoor, ’21

Student Station Manager

Morning Show Co-Host
Country 106.5 WYRK
Buffalo, NY

Yolo Lopez Perez
Yolo Lopez Perez, ’12

Public Relations Manager

Bilingual Reporter
LaRaza 98.1 FM
Goshen, IN

Kelsey Morris Wooten
Kelsey Morris Wooten, ‘13

Morning Show Host
Columbus, IN

Yolo Lopez Perez, ’12

Public Relations Manager

Bilingual Reporter
LaRaza 98.1 FM
Goshen, IN

Karina Flores
Karina Flores, ‘17

Multimedia Journalist,
South Bend, IN

Benjamin Kelly
Benjamin Kelly, ‘13

Radio broadcaster and Baseball Operations Coordinator of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, Double-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals
Springdale, AR

Riley Mills
Riley Mills, ‘18

Editor and Videographer, Michiana Public Broadcasting
South Bend, IN

JD Hershberger
JD Hershberger, ‘17

Promotions Director and Host for Kansas Public Radio
Lawrence, KS

Dalton Shetler
Dalton Shetler,’ 16

Broadcast Host/ Producer for Spartan Sports Network
East Lansing, MI

Zach Miller
Zach Miller, ‘08

Production Director for Federated Media and Midday Host,
Froggy 102.7
Mishawaka, IN

Ashley Davenport
Ashley Davenport, ‘16

Radio Producer,
AgriTalk Farm Journal
South Bend, IN



  • Named Signature College Radio Station by the Broadcast Education Association
  • Named Radio School of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Broadcasting
  • Finalist for Best College Radio Station by Intercollegiate Broadcasting System; nominated for 13 total national finalist awards
  • Awarded honorable mention in the Signature Station category by the Broadcast Education Association



  • Finalist for Best College Radio Station by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
  • Named Radio School of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Broadcasting
  • Finalist for Station of the Year by the Indiana Broadcasting Association
  • Finalist for Best College Radio Station by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System



  • Named Best College Radio Station by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
  • Named Radio School of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Broadcasting
  • Named Station of the Year by the Indiana Broadcasting Association
  • Named Radio School of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Broadcasting
  • Runner-up for Best College Radio Station by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System



  • Named Best College Radio Station by Intercollegiate Broadcasting System