GOSHEN, Ind. — Over the past three season of play, Goshen College women’s volleyball has won just six matches. But with the departure of former head coach Kourtney Crawford, a new era has been ushered in.

Enter Jeff Phillips, a volleyball veteran with more than 15 years of coaching experience at the high school level.

According to Phillips, the move to Goshen just made sense, as it’s close enough to home that his family life isn’t disrupted, and he gets to be a part of an inviting campus community.

Since his hiring on February 12th, coach Phillips has been able to practice with the team several times, and run the squad through scrimmages as well.

With the offseason in full swing, recruiting now becomes the priority for the junior-dominated squad.

According to his players, coach Phillips brings a good energy to the team, and provides plenty of laughs alongside constructive criticism and critiques.

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– Dante Stanton, Sports Director, Globe Media

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