GOSHEN, Ind. – The Goshen College Women’s Basketball team has been under the guidance of Head Coach Stephanie Miller since 2011, coincidentally, the final year that the Goshen College Rec-fitness Center had an indoor pool.

When Miller began her coaching career at GC, she and her team utilized the on-campus pool for recovery efforts, rehabilitation and more.

Now, even though the on-campus pool is long gone, the practice of utilizing water-recovery is still in full effect, with the team now swimming at the Goshen Middle School Aquatic Center.

Miller says that the water workouts are the perfect way of keeping athletes safe during recovery efforts and doesn’t put as much strain on their joints as typical programs do.

The team typically hits the pool in the early and middle stages of the season to provide further conditioning boosts.

Miller says that while some thoroughly enjoy the practice, others come to GC without the knowledge of how to swim at all, but are quickly introduced to its benefits.

Assistant Coach and former player, Tyra Carver, was one such person who had little swimming experience prior to arriving at GC, but now utilizes it as a form of exercise even beyond her athletic career.

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