The goal, to empower residents, spark creativity, and build community. The results are heartwarming. Jon Hunsberger and other Vibrant Community members have been working tirelessly to make Elkhart County a better place for its residents, by listening to their needs and making changes. The idea for Vibrant Communities came in 2015, when Indiana started an initiative called regional cities. The initiative has been a part of and led many different projects in the Michiana area, like improving downtowns, park facilities, and the Goshen Theater. Vibrant Communities is for the people. The team is looking forward to the future, taking time to meet and discuss what this new five year chapter will hold. Vibrant Communities is working to improve Elkhart County even more in the months to come. More information about their plans and projects can be found at Vibrant Elkhart County dot O R G. Reporting for Globe News, I’m Amelia Turnbull.

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