Welcome to variety Vibe! Bringing you comedy, real live interviews of stunning guests, plenty of laughter and jokes, entertainment, and performances! Double hosts Billy Easton and Erick Martinez will keep you intrigued wherever you are watching from.

Variety Vibe is directed by Josh Taylor with a great crew of segment producers Dante Stanton, Gussie Nafziger, and Daniel Robles to bring you joy. Graphic designs by Shayne Wassell and editor Spencer Waterman.

Variety Vibe is a mix of things all into one which makes it different. One day they might be talking about aliens the next would be covering global warming. You never know what to expect so the audience will keep wanting more and to know what’s going to happen.

What to expect from the first episode? The opening episode is a weird out of the blue scene catching your attention then you will have an introduction to your hosts. After that you will see some skits which of course will be hilarious but still resourceful.

Then will go in to have a guest appearance by the one and only Paul Keim, bible and religion professor, who loves to play basketball especially on campus for the intramural teams.

Getting ready to wrap up the show will be a musical performance but before that we get to know the special guest of the band Mechudos Y Peludos.

After that the band will give a rockstar performance! So kick back, and enjoy Variety Vibe!

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