With the disappearance of live music during the COVID-19 pandemic, many bands throughout the US were taken off the shelf. But the Virginia-based Roots-rock band the Steel Wheels took a different route.

After their spring tour was halted due to the pandemic, the Steel Wheels jumped on the chance to use quarantine as a time to create new music.

With the release of their new album, Everyone a Song Volume 2, the group has crafted personalized songs from their dedicated fanbase.

As an added feature to the group’s new personalized music, the band is releasing 20-30 minute podcast episodes entitled “We Made You a Song”, detailing the meaning behind each song’s story.

Despite being separated for more than a year without playing in person, the Steel Wheels are BACK on the road.

More information on the group and their upcoming album can be found online at steelwheels.com.

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