If you’re looking for something interesting made in downtown Goshen, look no further than Janus Motorcycles, home of the 450 Halcyon Bikes, a line of motorcycles that has been named by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce as “The Coolest thing made in Indiana”.

Janus Motorcycles creates and sells almost entirely hand-made and custom bikes with engine sizes ranging from 50-450. The goal of Janus motorcycles is to deliver a motorcycle style that is simple but effective, without all of the bells and whistles that a modern bike would give.

The newest 450 line, launched over a year ago, was entered into the “Coolest thing Made in Indiana” contest early in the year, and through online voting, made its way to the top two before being announced the winner this past Tuesday.

Co-founder of Janus Motorcycles, Richard Worsham and his staff are thrilled with the win, and is evening looking to possibly include their bikes in more competitions down the road.

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