By Nathan Pauls, Program Director

As the weather warms up, the Pumpkinvine Nature Trail is fielding an influx of more walkers and riders. Bob Shanahan, town manager of Shipshewana, outlined what it takes to prep the trail for more people.

“We make sure that the trail is clean and clear, clear debris deadfall possible therefore, making sure trash cans and other emptied, said Shanahan. “We’re gearing more towards the construction of the new section of the Pumpkinvine, which will be starting later this spring and then being completed by the end of the year.”

Shipshewana recently received a grant from the state, allowing them to add another branch to the vine.

“It’s a big deal. We were very happy with the grant we received from the state of Indiana, administered by DNR, Department of Natural Resources, said Shanaha. “The town was fortunate enough to get almost a million dollars, [which will be used to] build new restrooms, new pavilion, and we will be updating existing parking areas for the Pumpkinvine users.”

The new pathway will funnel directly into the town, which Shanahan is looking forward to.

“Shipshewana has got a lot to offer people and that’s what we’re trying to do by bringing it into town,” said Shanahan. “Not only to give people an extra mile of Pumpkinvine, but also give them a destination where they can do a little bit more than just turn around and go back the other way.”

As traffic increases on the vine, riders and walkers will have even more trail to use in the future.

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