Feel like hanging around? Well you’re in luck, because the silks club is looking for new members to join their circus theatrics. Aerial silks is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric. Goshen College recently instituted a skills club in 2017, when Senior Elena Meyer Reimer wanted to be able to show her acrobatic skills. Meyer Reimer enjoys doing silks and has been doing it for seven years. Meyer Reimer says that it is an open environment for people to learn. Hashem Ammari, co leader of silks club, did not start doing acrobatics until he got to Goshen. Ammari enjoys the unique qualities the club entails. Antoinette Mpawenayo, a Chicago Circus performer of eleven years and member of silks club says that silks requires a great deal of strength. Meyer Reimer discusses why some people may not feel comfortable joining the club right away. Although silks may seem difficult, Ammari states that the club is a great place to broaden horizons and try something new. Mpawenayo has some ideas for what silks club can do in the future to get more members and attention. Silks club meets every Wednesday night from 8-9 and they are planning on performing soon. For Globe sports, I’m Amelia Turnbull

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