On January 25th, Siana Emery, senior race walker for the Goshen College track and field team, finished second in the Goshen College Race Walk. With a time of 16 minutes and 12 seconds, Emery qualified for the NAIA Indoor Championship. This is Emery’s seventh straight time qualifying for nationals and her fourth in the indoor championship.

Emery talks more about how she was very happy to qualify in that race as she continues to train for upcoming races throughout the season. When it comes to training for upcoming race walks, Emery explains that she tries to build up her endurance until the week of the race walk so that the race isn’t as challenging. She two ultimate goals for the national championship are to become an All-American and set a new personal record. Since Emery was on SST, study-service term, she was not able to train a whole lot, so she is happy that she has already qualified so she can continue to train and get ready for the indoor championship.

Emery’s next race walk will be on February 8th, as Goshen College hosts their second race walk of the indoor season. More stories like this can be found on our website at globeradio.org

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