The Presidential Election is approaching in November, with the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting our day to day lives. Many are considering voting by mail. The recent changes to the United States Post Service (USPS) could make this more difficult. 

College students who come from other states would have voted absentee anyway. Such as Ohio resident, Jackson Steinmetz states “I do have some concerns that my ability to vote absentee might be in jeopardy.” There is also uncertainty for Indiana students like Patrick Webb, “My current voting place is Greencroft. Due to that being a nursing home during a pandemic. I am unsure if they are going to be closed to the public or not.”

Others argue that voter fraud is an important issue. “I know that this election. I think for everyone it is very important,”   Lori Arnold, a community member claims that “I think if we pay real close attention. That after the election whoever loses that side is going to be saying there was fraud.” 

Globe news attempted to reach out to the USPS in Elkhart county. However, the USPS declined any interviews. 

Both sides can agree that voting is essential and that nothing should obstruct one from exercising this right.

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