The locker rooms inside the Rec-Fitness Center on GC’s campus have been under renovation for a month as student-athletes, coaches and the public await final construction. The men’s team locker room is nearing completion as the lockers are in place with slight additions yet to be completed. The women’s and public locker rooms will be next on the agenda for construction as the department anticipates all projects to be finalized come 2020. Student-athletes, as well as staff within the athletic department, are excited for the facelift and what that means for the school. “I think it’s really good for the college, I think it’s really good especially for recruiting,” Alyson Prigge, senior women’s basketball player said. “I think everyone’s really excited about the new locker rooms.” “We wanted to bring something new for the athletes,” Sarah Hart, coordinator of game and athletic facilities operations said. “[GC] wanted to bring something new for them, to help them along and to show that we really care about them.” All student-athletes will have their own designated locker while their sport is in-season. The lockers feature a spacious opening where athletes can hang their bags and belongings as well as a cubby underneath their seat and a lockbox above.

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