In 2021, the Goshen College Men’s Volleyball team (in just its third full year as a program) went 15-9 and made the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference.

During the Spring of 2021 however, the Men’s volleyball team went through an abrupt coaching change.

On Friday, July 2nd, GC announced Lauren Ford as the new full-time head coach. She became just the second female coach of a male team in Goshen College history, and the first in nearly a decade.

According to several players, coach Ford has added a new element to their game.

In-particular, players have found that Ford has, “brought more structure to practice,” and as a former player herself, has expertise in providing in-game adjustments to help out her team.

With Ford at the helm, the Maple Leafs have started off their season at 4-2, and have set incredibly lofty goals for the 2022 season.




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