By Nathan Pauls, Program Director

COVID-19 has affected operations of Maple Leaf athletes, but what about the fans?

New COVID-19 guidelines for fans were release on the website on September 4, 2020.

The guide outlines that fans must wear masks, self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms, and frequently wash hands.
Immediate family members may sit together but bright yellow caution tape has been added to encourage physical distancing in the stands

No spectators from other teams are permitted at Maple Leaf games.
The same goes for Maple Leaf fans at away games.
Kourtney crawford, head coach of the women’s volleyball team, talks about the way the new guidelines for fans affect the team.

“It’s really tough for us to go on away trips and not be able to play have out fans there. Being able to play this year and not have that on away trip is really tough,” Crawford said. “But we’re still blessed that we get to play.”

The number of for games is also limited.

“Right now we get two people per student. And so, we have people are like, ‘Hey can I use yours if your family’s not coming,'” Crawford said. “So that’s nice to be able to share your ticket spots with others when their families are coming.”

Above all, Crawford wants people to be safe.

“I just want people to wear their masks, wash [their] hands and stay away from people.” She said with a smile.
The new regulation may change the way spectator gather, but it doesn’t dampen the Maple Leaf spirit.

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