No, this isn’t Fiddler Pond. This is actually Shanklin Park, which has been overrun by flooding after recent winter weather. The National Weather service says that The Elkhart River in Goshen has reached a double crest. That means the water level has reduced, but is rising again. Danny Sink fire chief for the Goshen Fire Department has the details. He says that the flooding was worse in 2018, when the flood crested to 12 and a half feet. Now, the city is doing what they can to keep the city safe amidst the flooding. Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley, director of the department of environmental resilience is leading the way with the flood resilience plan in Goshen. He says that parts of the city are meant to see flooding. Sink, a long time resident in Goshen, has seen the full effect of flooding. The flood resilience plan is in it’s starting phases, as city officials work to grind out the details. Although some flooding is normal, it is still important to do what you can to stay safe. More information on the flood resilience plan can be found on the Flood Zone page of the cities website. A meeting is taking place to discuss the plan, on March 16. If you are interested in seeing the current level of the Elkhart River, there is a gauge located off the northeast corner of the Indiana Avenue Bridge by the Old Bag Factory.

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