“Jealous Moon” by Sarah Jarosz has become a very familiar song for me over the past several weeks being in and out of The Globe studios and hearing the very recognizable combination of a light-hearted piano combined with an electric guitar that works in a way that I never imagined two instruments going together. 

Even though I have heard the song countless times, I had a hard time dissecting what the words pouring out of the speakers actually meant. I did some digging and found a facebook post from Jarosz explaining what she wanted listeners to hear and understand from the track. 

 She captioned the post “Jealous Moon is about the times when our unfavorable emotions rise to the surface and we have no choice but to ride the wave.”

 When I read that post the song clicked for me. The song tells the classic story of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Riding that wave of battling with the least fun emotions in life, finding ways to overcome them, and learning from past mistakes is what helps us grow and mature as people. 

 The song is unique in that the presentation of a topic like emotions that can be heavier for some listeners isn’t presented in a way that would make someone want to sit back and cry. Those light hearted piano notes and upbeat guitar chords give the feeling that no matter what emotions the listener is feeling, everything is going to be okay and there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

 “Jealous Moon” is absolutely worth the listen. Whether you are dealing with emotions of your own or not, there is something from the song for everyone that at one point or another couldn’t have been more relatable.

 Emotions aren’t fun, but this song sparks the feeling that this too shall pass.

– Collin


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