Written by Kendyl Silveus.

Each week, a Globe-pal (AKA a DJ at 91.1 the Globe) takes a song of their choosing, and dishes out a healthy review to be sent out and posted on globeradio.org/music.

The Globe Track of the Week is an excellent way to keep up with the new tunes presented weekly on 91.1 the Globe, the best college radio station in Indiana. 

Recently, I have found myself going back to the driven soft rock of the 60s and 70s, finding comfort in the style and lyrics I grew up with. These songs have a distinct push that gets the listener tapping their feet or humming along in almost an instant. While this Globe Track of the Week does not hail from that era, it certainly feels as though it belongs with these charming tunes. 

The Heavy Heavy’s 2022 single “Miles and Miles” has vocals and instrumentals not unlike that of Fleetwood Mac, led by a guitar rhythm that places the listener in the midst of the singer’s journey. Lines such as “heading straight for morning light” and “fire burning through mainline” weave a passionate narrative that evokes an intense buildup.

The narrator is someone of impulse, a “hitchhiker loner vagabond” traveling the nights and finding a home in the journey. This song manages to convey this sentiment effectively, lending a compelling beat to strong lyrics, almost an ode to the freedom of exploring the world around you. 

While exploration is a key theme in this song, “Miles and Miles” also portrays the anticipation built by a long-promised reunion. On the receiving end is someone the narrator hopes to get back to, reflected in the line of reassurance “Gonna get home to you soon, it’s alright.” Ultimately, this song illustrates the exhilaration that comes with knowing you have someone to come back to after a long trip. For this, along with a moving, nostalgic style, “Miles and Miles” deserves high attention as a Globe Track.

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