GOSHEN, IN – Before I was introduced to this song, I had never heard of Jaime Wyatt, but I am happy I have now! I was instantly captured by the instrumentals in the beginning of the song.  She has a candid style that is a mixture of country outlaw and Americana which I really enjoyed. She has such a unique and appealing voice; I was eager to listen to more of her
music. Although this song was produced this year, it gave off the vibes of a retro hit. I felt like I was in a different time period while listening to this song. It has an uplifting and catchy beat but also words that really spoke to me. 

The song “World Worth Keeping” by Jaime Wyatt is one of those songs that seems to capture the essence of human experience and emotion in just a few short minutes. Jaime Wyatt’s music pulls you into the depths of storytelling. Just in the few minutes listening to the song, it was sort of an eye opener to how things are. She paints a vivid picture for me of a world filled with both beauty and pain, and it’s a world that I can relate to. She mentions how there is a “war within.” This seems to touch on the current situation of our world today, in a world of chaos. 

What truly makes “World Worth Keeping” standout to me is its message of hope. She says, 

We let ‘em poison the roots
I’d like my children and yours to see
All of the earth it its bloom
I’d like to show them the mountains and say
Drink from the clear stream

After this, she goes on to say “Take a look around you, there’s a world worth keeping.” Despite all the pain and uncertainty described in the song, there’s an underlying belief that there’s still a world worth fighting for, a world worth keeping. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there’s a glimmer of light if we’re willing to look for it.

– Christina


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