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The first time I was exposed to Israel Nash was at the “Go Fest” concert last hosted by Ignition Music Garage and Goshen Brewing Company. I remember hearing his smooth baritone voice and smooth guitar. I was immediately intrigued and captivated by his music. With the release of his 12 album titled Ozarker. I had to look this up, but an Ozarker is someone from the Ozark Mountain region of the U.S. Where is that you ask? The mountain region covers parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the southeast corner of Kansas. The album pays homage to where Nash was raised; a small town in Missouri.     

The first song on the album, “Can’t Stop” to me, recounts Nash leaving his small hometown to pursue his dreams in music. The song is a bit more on the rock side from what I’d come to expect from Nash, but I think it adds to the uniqueness of the song. It starts with a steady drum and guitar opening, setting the beat for the rest of the song. The beat makes you think about someone walking at a steady pace, sauntering down the road. The high echo on Nash’s vocals adds a sense of yearning and longing from his lyrics. The song starts slower and softer, but when the chorus hits, it’s much more intense and heavy. With the lyrics, “I can’t Stop, keep spinning these wheels” the song really hits a high before coming back down in the second verse. 

 After the second verse, a wonderfully performed guitar solo takes center stage. When I close my eyes and listen to the solo, I can just imagine it being performed in the last set of a show. With the last bit of energy, the guitarist is putting every ounce of their soul they have left into it. Nash then continues to sing “I can’t stop, keep spinning these wheels” as the instruments take center stage with the song closing to Nash whispering “keep turning”. As the song dies down, the last thing you hear is the scratch of guitar strings. To me, this signifies that the song wanted to keep going, wanted to “keep turning”. 

 To me, this song is all about continuing to move forward, no matter what you’ve left behind. There will be challenges and lonely roads, but no matter what, you have to “keep spinning these wheels”. If you’re a diehard fan of Israel Nash, or like me, had never heard of him before, this song will delight and entertain people from all walks of life and music taste.  

– Alyssa McDonald

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