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Honey is such an endearing word, but not so much to the Brooklyn based trio “The Lone Bellow.” Their latest single “Honey,” off their album “Love Songs For Losers” is all about how calling your significant other “honey” is lazy, and wanting to return to the early days of love when everything is exciting, new and fun.

The repetition of the beat and guitar chords add a relaxing and calming feeling to the song. With clear descriptions of past places and memories, it’s easy to envision the scenes that Zach Williams beautifully sings about. Driving down a highway at night, blasting a song with the windows down, visiting places that you used to go with a partner but don’t anymore. 

I can imagine myself playing out the scenes in the song when going through a hard time or heartbreak. Reminiscing about the past, going to places with memories and meaning, driving or walking at night to clear my head.

There are millions of songs about love, and this one is one of the most unique and relatable ones I’ve heard in a long time.   This song is for everyone. It’s very easy to sing this song at the top of your lungs in any mood. “Love Songs For Losers” is set to release later this week on Nov. 4, and I don’t doubt that we’ll hear plenty of “The Lone Bellow” and more, as they put it, “love songs for losers”.   

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