By Mike Murrell

Each week, a Globe-pal (AKA a DJ at 91.1 the Globe) takes a song of their choosing, and dishes out a healthy review to be sent out and posted on

The Globe Track of the Week is an excellent way to keep up with the new tunes presented weekly on 91.1 the Globe, the best college radio station in Indiana.

From Philadelphia, comes Mt. Joy, and new to the rotation this past week is their single, Evergreen. From the opening guitar riff, the song immediately captured me, and I was completely sold when I saw the video. It stars former Yardbird member and The Office cast member, Creed Bratton. The video is hilarious and fits both the rhythm and lyrics.

The song brings an air of freshness, but also brings out a strong case of nostalgia in me.  There’s something familiar about the song. I can’t quite place it, but Evergreen gives me a serious case of deja vu. Between the atmospheric guitar and organ, Matt Quinn’s vocals, and the flawless bass and drum rhythm coordination, Evergreen grabs the listener and doesn’t let go.  The guitar at the beginning of the song screams “I want to be the theme song of a movie!”

Evergreen is an excellent combination of Indie rock and alternative, with subtle hints of the group’s Americana background. Unlike the first two singles from their Orange Blood album, Lemon Tree and the title track, which start slow and build up, Evergreen packs a punch from the beginning and doesn’t look back.  

Listeners will be taken away by Evergreen. It will be ringing in their ears for days.  I predict the song will be in the charts for a while and it will continue to resonate over the air.  

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