The cover is an inherently dangerous genre to take on. For many people, no matter how stunning the performance, nothing will ever “beat” the original. 

In this take on the Beatles classic, Parton doesn’t try to “beat” anything. She boldly makes the song her own, even while collaborating with two of the originators, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. 

Parton’s country experience comes through clearly, as well as incorporating her more recent forays into rock as she prepares for the release of her newest album and first rock collection of her career. 

Not only does Parton take the song in her own direction, she is also not afraid to let her own voice be heard. Having worked for over 60 years in the music industry, her age is evident in this song in a powerful and moving way, speaking to all that she has accomplished. 

The lyrics themselves are not wordy by any means. In the second half of the song, nearly all that is said is the titular “let it be.” However, Parton manages to make every line count, even leaving room for the guitar solo in the middle of the song. 

The song escalates perfectly, building from the slower, melancholic reflections to the dramatic climax, before slowing back back to for the conclusion, with Parton even adding a few spoken lines for emphasis. 

This song is far more than a cover, making a name for itself as a new triumph from both Parton and McCartney. The theme is as relevant as always- to build together a new and better way of doing things, and then to let that world be. 


– Kate

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