Each week, a Globe-pal (AKA a DJ at 91.1 the Globe) takes a song of their choosing, and dishes out a healthy review to be sent out and posted on globeradio.org/music.

The Globe Track of the Week is an excellent way to keep up with the new tunes presented weekly on 91.1 the Globe, the best college radio station in Indiana. 

Every week, the Globe inputs new music, and every week a new tune is able to earworm its way into my head.

And anyone who knows me knows that I’m constantly whistling a tune. This is a deadly combination. [editors note: this is so true/annoying -tyson]

For the past three weeks, ‘From Here to Forever’ has been that tune that I just can’t get out of my head.

It’s moderately morbid lyrical introduction is what grabs me from the start, as singer Ben Gibbard laments about the fact that every time he watches a movie from the 50s, he realizes that everyone on the screen, “well they’re all dead now.”

The jolting lyrics throughout are undercut by a heavy dose of a juiced-up guitar, which adds a slightly electronic tinge to an otherwise standard rock backdrop. 

In essence, the instrumental side of the track chugs and chugs throughout, providing steady but thankfully never-boring guitar-led beats. 

As the song progresses and develops, more and more is revealed about the singer’s true intention: he’s falling in love with “bones and ashes” and “daydreams in black and white,” essentially being stuck in the past. 

The song reaches for big explanations, even demanding to know the measure “From here to forever,” and wishes to “feel the pressure, of God or whatever.”

It’s always felt like a cheap copout to say that the lyrics of a song can be applied to any singular context. But I feel that ‘From Here to Forever’ nudges itself into the brain of the listener by being just vague enough about its message that it can apply to anyone who listens. 

Whether it’s someone hellbent on seeking answers (“I want to know the measure”) or someone searching for bigger fish (“of God, or whatever”), the message is just open enough for discussion to make an impact.

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