GOSHEN, Ind. — I first listened to Brent Cobb in 2016 when he was featured on the song “Good Ole Days” by Whiskey Myers, but it wasn’t until just days ago that I was introduced to his own work. 

Cobb’s title track “Southern Star” from his latest album is what I would describe as a form of true, downhome, rooted country music mixed with a touch of bluegrass to give listeners the feeling of the comfort of home. 

The song, to me, is a recount of Cobb’s memories of growing up in his hometown of Ellaville, Georgia. He sings about being a drifter and being lost but repeatedly looks back to vivid memories of his home and how that is something that will never be cut from his life. 

The lyrics themselves stirred many emotions when I listened back through them. “No matter how far I go, No matter how deep the dark, I know I can always count on the Southern star.” “How beloved is my home sweet home.” They evoked an emotion that made me think of my own home and how I’ve missed it while being away at school, but in the best ways possible. The beat comes into play by giving the perfect balance of a warm feeling to still allowing listeners to miss home, but only the best parts of it. 

“Southern Star” is a song about roots, and how they will always be planted in the place where everything started. It doesn’t matter how far someone strays or how lost they might feel trying to navigate the challenges of life, there will always be that one place that remains as a safe haven to run back to. A place where all of the troubles that are encountered on life’s journey can be repaired. 


– Collin Echols, Director of Play-by-Play and Live Events

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