By Nathan Pauls, Program Director

When the COVID-19 virus became a worldwide pandemic, Goshen restaurants needed to respond. Serving the community in the safest way possible became their top priority. Goshen Brewing Company (GBCo) was no different. After a two week hiatus, GBCo reopened doing limited takeout options. Once the weather got warmer, the lawn was opened up for table service.

Along with food service, the way live music was delivered at GBCo had to change as well. “We’ve had some outdoor shows,” said Jesse Sensenig, Co-founder of GBCo. “Kinda keeping [the musicians] back… so there’s some good distance with the fence.” South Side Soda Shop’s circumstance was very different from GBCo’s.

The Soda Shop has been closed since March and is only now set to reopen on August 26. The primary indoor seating of the restaurant made it difficult to safely serve customers until now with the addition of some community art. Dividers with colorful illustrations from community members are now posted in between booths. “We had said that [the art] didn’t have to be about the soda shop,” said Nick Boyd, owner of the Soda Shop. “And it’s been amazing the response that we’ve had.”

With COVID-19 constantly changing the food industry, restaurants in Goshen will have to think on their feet.

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