The Goshen College women’s volleyball team has faced a lot of adversity leading up to their first game this season. After a long offseason of workouts, just two weeks before their first scheduled game, the volleyball team was exposed to the coronavirus. This brought practice to a halt as the team went into a 14 day quarantine. 

 Now, head coach Kourtney Crawford will have to coach on the fly as the gauntlet season is underway. 

The Maple Leafs will have 19 games to play before November 4th, the day that marks their last regular season game. 

After a down year in her first season as head coach, Crawford is looking to get this team in a groove with their competitiveness. 

The Maple Leafs take the court on Saturday against the Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats. Reporting for globe sports, my name is William Troyer.

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