By Nathan Pauls, Program Director

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, and the Goshen Arts Council is no different. Justin Rothshank, a local Goshen Potter, said the Council had to get creative for events planning.

“There’s a lot of you know, virtual events online,” said Rothshank.

Zoom meetings have been the name of the game. With the council’s bi-weekly meetings, Artist Happy Hour and the Riverbend Film Fest going online. Even the Michiana Pottery Tour switched to a virtual platform in September 2020.

“I’m one of the co-founders of the Michiana Pottery Tour, and one of the main organizers of that event, said Rothshank. “We’re planning our 10th annual event for this this fall. So I’ve been involved with that for a little more than 10 years.”

The  pottery tour is coming this September with plans still in the works.

“The plan right now is that it’s going to be in person, said Rothshank. “But we can pretty quickly pivot to a virtual event if necessary. And we we sort of as planners, we sort of know how to do that. But also I think the artists are all pretty conscientious and aware that that’s a possibility too.”

Both the Arts Council and the Michiana Pottery Tour have been kept on their toes during the pandemic. But as spring approaches, both are hopeful for return to something close to normal.

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