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The Black Keys recently released a new single “Wild Child,” which is set to appear on their eleventh studio album, “Dropout Boogie.” This will be their second album after their ten-year hiatus. 

This track immediately caught my attention with a James Brown-like guitar lick and kick drum. Then Dan Auerbach (one half of the Keys) tears the roof off with a series of brazen, muscular chords- signature Black Keys stuff. It’s less the lyrics (though they’re catchy) and more the instrumentals that are what makes this track great, in my opinion. 

If you’ve been listening to my shows on The Globe for a while, you might have guessed that guitar work is often what makes or breaks a song for me. In that case, you’d be correct. “Wild Child” has a grungy sound while managing to be upbeat all the same. It’s a bold, swaggering track that makes me want to break out my leather jacket and shades, even indoors. 

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– Liam Morris

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