Welcome to the return of the Globe Sports Corner. Stick with Globe TV throughout 2022 to catch the latest in sports, news, and highlights from around the Michiana Community.

On this episode of the Globe Sports Corner, hosted by Dante Stanton, our crew sits down with Associate Athletic Trainer Emily Osborne, who is literally in charge of keeping Goshen College athletes on their feet.

From tapings that manage in-game pain, to long-term procedures and muscle-therapy, the Globe takes a deep dive into the massive impact that athletic training really has.

Fifth-year senior Michael Wahl also visits the studio to discuss the men’s volleyball team, his status as a setter, record-breaking role-player, and what goals that the Maple Leaf squad hopes to achieve in 2022.

While on the topic of men’s volleyball, Tyson Miller and Seth Smith-Kauffman spoke with the new head coach of the men’s volleyball team, Lauren Ford, who has become only the second female coach of a male team in GC history.

Finally, we take a look at the Maple Leaf schedule for the coming week, and introduce the Maple Leaf highlight of the Week. For more exclusive Globe content, check out globeradio.org.

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