In episode five of the Globe Sports Corner, Tanner Camp interviewed both Goshen College women’s basketball head coach Stephanie Miller and Goshen College Tennis senior Luke Rush. Camp goes down memory lane with Rush as they discuss the success the tennis program has provided for the Maple Leaf athletics. Senior provides information about both personal and team goals the GC tennis team met. Coach Miller was able to give insight to Camp about the current team and some similarities of the final four team in 2016. Gabe Kermode covered Goshen College Men’s Cross Country as the team is currently nationally ranked at 17th. Kermode was able to speak with both head coach Rustin Nyce and senior runner Vincent Kibunja about their success in the fall season. Nyce focuses on the aspect and changing the training circuits. Also, William informs us of Maple leaf athletics events both on campus and on the road. More episodes will be posted weekly for the rest of the semester on this social media outlet. Please subscribe to our channel to stay connected with Maple Leaf athletics. Also for more content, you can go to our personal website which includes sports, news, and music.

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