This past Saturday, the Goshen College women’s soccer team competed against other teams. But it wasn’t regular soccer, they hosted the first annual futsal tournament at the RFC Center at Goshen College. Futsal is just like soccer, except the matches are played indoors and at a much faster pace.
Megan Bower, a junior midfielder for the Goshen College women’s soccer team, talks about how excited she was to be able to participate in the event and get back to training for soccer. She also talks about how great it was to go against other teams from around the community.
Another person who was happy about the event was Juliana Chupp, assistant coach for the GC women’s soccer team. She talks about how much she loves the sport and how it was a great opportunity for the team to work on their skills.
Both Bower and Chupp said that the event was an overall success. Bower goes on to talk about the idea of how they had more teams than they were expecting. Chupp goes on to thank Justin Crew, head coach for the Goshen College women’s soccer team, for organizing the event and talks about his passion for the sport and for people around him.



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