Dr. Lydia Mertz, MD is a Bariatric Medicine Specialist in Goshen, IN and has over 38 years of experience in the medical field. She worked as a family care doctor and also as the health officer for Elkhart County. She is retiring from her role as health officer this year. 

To find out more about Dr. Mertz, Globe News went to her office at the Elkhart County Health Department, to talk with her and reflect on her career. 

Dr. Mertz told me that she helps out in all aspects of the community, regarding health. Her favorite part of working for the county includes, “learning new things all of the time.” She stated that she learned more about how the county government works as a whole. She was so excited to tell me about how much she loves working with people, stating,“I think the highlight of my career has to be the people that I’ve met.”

COVID 19 also had a big impact on her and her role. She said that she will be remembered as the health officer that was in charge during COVID. 

With her retirement, she is planning to spend time with her family, doing crafts, and going on walks. 

She is retiring from being health officer on December 31st, of 2020 after many years of service and dedication to the community. 

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