GOSHEN, Ind. —“It is with an excited yet heavy heart that I announce I am stepping down as the mayor of the city of Goshen and be removing my name from the ballet as an incumbent mayoral candidate.”On Wednesday, March 22, during his state of the city address, Mayor Jeremy Stutsman announced that he is resigning from his position as mayor, to take effect later this year. It was an unexpected statement for some. “I had to pick my jaw a little bit off of the floor,” says Nick Kieffer. “It’d be a challenge for anybody to step away from something that you’ve honestly excelled at,” says Kate Steury. Stutsman’s decision to go was not originally in his long term plans.“This whole thing is actually very new for me too. I figured I’d be mayor for the next four years, get through this election, this is a job that I love.”And the reason. “I am actually very excited to announce that I have accepted the CEO position at LaCasa of Elkhart County.”He says that he can do more for the individual than as the mayor, in his new position.“With LaCasa I’m super excited that I will be able to directly help people who are in need.”Members of the chamber are excited for him and the future of Goshen. “He’s been a real servant leader for the community,” says Nick Kieffer.“The best thing that you can do for certain organizations or communities would be to serve during your time to the best of your ability and then bring in someone else with new ideas,” says Kate Steury. Now, he has endorsed Gina Leichty as his choice to finish out the mayoral term and to run for office in the fall election of 2023. “It’s someone who can not only continue what I’ve started but also bring new ideas to take it further than what I’ve done.”His final words during the address. “I’ve been saying the following for eight years and it’s never been truer. I love my community and I love my job. Thank you all for being a part of both.”

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