Those are students on the campus of Goshen College, but they’re not your typical college kids. They attend CCYC, the Campus Center for Young Children at college mennonite church. CCYC is not funded by the college or church. Goshen College staff and faculty as well as community members bring their young children for the early childhood program. The children arrive in the morning and spend the morning playing, learning, and socializing with each other. Assistant Teacher, Hayley Kirkton, says that the kids are learning all day. Early childhood is one of the most crucial times for learning in a person’s life. Even though it is a pivotal time for a child, teachers in that field don’t get paid a lot. Not every school offers a degree in early childhood education. The nation faces a teacher shortage, and early childhood education is not immune. The teacher shortage was not a surprise to Whalen Couch. Since the start of the pandemic, Early Childhood teachers have left the field. CCYC is continuing to take care of the kids who come to their facilities. For more information on what CCYC is doing for kids, you can visit

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