Building Trust and Relationships

Erica Albertin has worked with Goshen College athletics for nearly four years. She is the head athletic trainer and she is also the associate athletic director of all Goshen College athletics. Emily Osborne, on the other hand is also a helping hand for Goshen College Athletics. Osborne is the assistant athletic trainer and also is apart of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. (SAAC)

Goshen College is one of the smallest schools in the crossroads league. The athletic department provides 16 athletic teams for the Maple Leafs. Combining all athletic teams adds up to around 300 student athletes compared to the group of two in the athletic training field. Both Albertin and Osborne speak about how they manage their busy schedules working with the amount of athletes.

Training and rehab isn’t the sole goal of their job as the two are very invested in building relationships with the student athletes. Both Erica and Emily believe it is important to have a personal relationship as friends more than as athletic trainers. The relationship between the student athletes and the athletic trainers are build strong together as conversation outside of athletics is a commodity. Both Erica and Emily help on the education side with students of Goshen College.

Erica will be teaching CPR classes in the May term with students of Goshen College. Emily mentors students of how to react and respond for athletic events on campus.

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