On this episode of the Globe Sports Corner, hosted by Zack Begly, William Troyer interviews Austin Branagan and Brandon Watkins, sophomore basketball and men’s volleyball players at Goshen College. Branagan talks about the transition from basketball to volleyball and his reaction to his first time ever competing in men’s volleyball. Watkins looks at the transition as well, along with talking about how different the level of competition is from high school to college.

William Troyer talks with Arron Patrick, head men’s soccer coach and assistant track and field coach for Goshen College, about what it’s like to coach two sports and the impact it’s made on him. Patrick looks back to how he got an offer to help with the team and how the athletes that we works with motivates him to help them even more.

William Troyer is also joined by Alexander Rabadzhiev, freshman men’s volleyball player, about his thoughts on the team’s first official season and his national level performance. Rabadzhiev ranks in the top three in the country in total kills and top five in the country in kills per match. While it is great to receive the recognition, Rabadzhiev is more focused on the team and it’s success for now and the future.

Finally, we take a look at a Goshen College professor’s basketball career. Paul Keim, professor of Bible and Religion, reflects on his basketball days back in high school and being with his brother and two of his closest friends. He also looks back on a college game he played in where he hit a buzzer beater shot against Grace College to send the game into overtime; while the team would end up losing, he says it is still one of his favorite memories.

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