The month of March is Red Cross Month. First declared by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1943, the Red Cross takes this month to honor those who work to continue their services and programs running every day of the week. Globe News went down and talked with Apheresis Team Lead, Lorri Wright about what you have to do when preparing for giving blood as well as what the Red Cross does in Goshen and around the country.
The Red Cross is known for giving blood, here are some tips from Wright on giving blood. You should be drinking a lot of fluids one to two days before you give blood. Always eat something substantial before you give your blood. You will be there about eight to 10 minutes and do not lift heavy items or do strenuous activity for four to five hours and drink plenty of fluids afterward to replace the lost liquids.
The Red Cross provides a list of other services. Platelet donation, which is the Goshen Donation Center’s main purpose. They provide certification in CPR, First Aid, AED, and babysitting. The Red Cross also provides disaster relief for natural disasters. The Goshen Red Cross Donation Center is located at 1123 South Indiana Avenue and you go to for more information or to get involved.



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