Mushing 101 Class Takes On Dryland

Nathan Pauls reports on a joint effort between the Heartland Mushers Association and the Elkhart County Parks.

The event took place on November 16th, from at the Benton Dam River Preserve County Park from 1-4 pm. Over 20 people showed up for the second year of the event.

Participants learned how to dryland dog sled, also called mushing, with members of the Association. Community members were encouraged to bring their own dogs, but there were also Huskies on call for those who needed them.

Phelicia Jozwiak, Interpreter Naturalist of Elkhart County Parks helped organize the event. “We got twice as many dogs… it’s a little loud,” she said with a smile as huskies barked in the background.

This year’s class welcomed first-timers like community member Valerie Shipley and her dog Nikita.

Nikita’s sled harness barely fit, and Shipley laughed as she said, “he’s a big boy.”

For more information about Elkhart County Parks and other events, you can visit

Video shot and edited by Kadie Spoor and Nathan Pauls.

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