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Life as a New Radio DJ

Samantha Horsch

Growing up, a lot of people turned to the radio for their fill of
good music. Just like you, I did as well. Music is my obsession and
getting the opportunity to work in a world filled with it makes me the
happiest woman alive. And I'm going to share a piece of that with you.
I'm going to give you a peak into what its like to work as a Globe DJ.

There is a certain thrill about working at a radio station. In a
listener's perspective, its easy to think radio is not a challenging
job. Something could easily be going wrong and a listener wouldn't
even know it. In radio, you need to learn how to adapt and stay calm
so it seems that way. I am currently learning this as I talk during my

We have two computers set up in the studio; the one that just works
as any other computer and the other which runs the whole
enchilada--music library and the program which puts us on-air.
Sometimes that computer likes to have a little fun while a live shift
is going on. In one of my shifts, the computer decided to completely
freeze the program to the point where I couldn't 1) see how long I
have until I go live, 2) look for any songs for song requests, and 3)
time out. Nonetheless, it did fix itself in the nick of time and I did
go live; a bit frazzled I may add.

Radio is not just about talking. After my shift ends, there's usually
more to do. For example, promoters/bands usually send their music to
the station so we can listen to them and put some of the songs into
the extensive library we have. When listening to the music, we have to
listen for an swear words and if any of the songs fit the overall
sound of the station. This was a bit tricky for me at first, but as I
continue my live shows, it helps me understand more of the sounds of
the station.

These are just some of the things that help me grow and improve as a
radio DJ. Problems such as a program not working can arise, but that's
what makes radio thrilling and keeps you on your toes.

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