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2013 Resolution for the Globe

Benjamin Kelly, Sports Director

It’s not doubt that we killed it in 2012, if we do say so ourselves; but we’re trying to top everything in 2013. Our New Year’s Resolution: keep bringing you the freshest mix of music on the airwaves and in our “Garage” and here is how we’re doing it.

Over the past six months, your home for culturally progressive music has fresh new look to mimic the fresh music we spin on the airwaves. We have upgraded our technology with new studios equipped with a variety of lights, shelves to display the success of our students and new counter tops that allow us to improve the quality of our voice for the listeners.

We’re getting better in the studios; this is how we’re getting better on the airwaves.

Starting this year, one of our newest DJ’s will bring you Bryan’s Beatle Brunch featuring an informative and entertaining take on your favorite Beatle tunes and ones you have yet to discover. You can catch the hour long program every Saturday morning at 10a.m.

If you liked Strictly Reggae, well, DJ Soc Ramsey is back at it with his newest development of Freedom Flight. DJ Soc Ramsey will spin funk, psychedelic and soul hits from the ‘70s and ‘80s every Thursday night from 9p-11p.

You may have heard this one briefly in 2012; but we’re reintroducing AfriKa Beats with DJ Wedlass and DJ Kappo following Freedom Flight every Thursday from 11p – 1a. These Africans will be spinning tracks from their native homelands of Eritrea in the north of Africa and Burkina Faso in east Africa along with all over their beloved country.

You can still catch you’re favorites like Locked in the Studio with Jason Samuel, One Guy’s Opinion with Steve Martin and One Step Beyond with Jeremiah at their regular times.

Live music? Yeah, it’s still happening in downtown Goshen at Ignition Garage.

Here are the shows set in stone already for 2013:

What to listen for: One of the hottest up and coming bands out of Nashville, the Kopecky Family Band is hopefully coming to Goshen! We’re spinning them on the Globe; but check out this video of their hit song “Birds”.

All of us are in the middle of our annual contest entries. We’re planning on heading out to New York City again this year to bring back our title of “Best College Radio Station in the Nation”. You can help us out by becoming a member and donating to the Globe on our homepage. Our station would not be what is without you.

So, we’ll have to wait and see if we hold true to our 2013 resolution. I think we can do it; but you’ll have to keep listening to keep us honest.

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